About – Vivid Emporium


Vivid Emporium was founded by by former model and creative director Kadiatu Kamara with the mission to create ‘Fashion with a purpose’. Inspired by the vivid, rich and diverse culture of West Africa, the Vivid Emporium ethos is to use the power of fashion to make a positive contribution to society.

Through Kadiatu’s ‘Karankay Project’ (or ‘Cobbler’ project), Vivid Emporium partners with West African artisans and their families to produce high quality garments for the international market.

And her newest project, FANGHA (“empowering”), is a Freetown-based non-profit community organization that creates opportunities for youth empowerment through skills training and employment in the fashion industry, alongside general education classes.

Kadiatu’s work combines her experience in London’s fashion industry and the inspiration she draws from the strength and independence of Africa’s women, women just like her mother, a former peanut and fruit street vendor, women who hustle through life to take care of their children and their families … women who, despite their grinding lives, are able to maintain a proud and traditional elegance in their clothing.