Karankay Project – Vivid Emporium


Vivid Emporium founder and creative director, Kadiatu Kamara has always held close to her heart the responsibility of contributing to change in Sierra Leone, her home country. Kadiatu believes in the concept of teaching a man how to fish instead of simply handing out fish.

Since its birth in 2010, Vivid Emporium, under the passionate direction and supervision of its founder, has prided itself in helping develop community.

We do this by identifying the creative talents of the men, women and youth of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown and its outskirts. We then nurture and encourage these artisans to reach their full potential by helping them develop their skills to produce merchandise able to meet the standards of the international market.

Vivid Emporium places education at the top of its agenda so that self-reliance and independence become a way of life for the individuals and families we partner with.

To realize this dream a portion of Vivid Emporium’s proceeds provide school supplies and help pay school fees for our young artisans.